Who needs a fire in the summer?

Well you might call me crazy, but here recently I’ve been called worse. And yes there are a few of us who stand by fires when it is over a 100 degrees. The catering business is sometimes very demanding and when you cater with a chuckwagon outdoors, the conditions are not often at their best. To build a fire when it is already too hot to grab anything metal, and the sweat is running off you faster than a slip n’ slide hooked up to a fire hose; well let’s just say it is too hot, but my father told me if you’re going to do a job and hang your shingle out for business you better be able to do it in all conditions. We have a job the 20th of August for 500 ribeye steaks and it will probably be hot enough you cood cook them on the hood of my old Ford, but we will build a fire and help dry out the ozone layer. Oh yeah, tell Al Gore we really don’t do that much damage with that global warming thing he has going on. So my friends, if you don’t mind me calling you that, stay in the shade and if you ever think it is too hot, just remember you could be standing by a fire. Bring on them cold north winds of winter!

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