Not your ordinary school day

I can still remember those first days of school, that feeling of being unsure of your surroundings and who your classmates might be. That feeling of being the one that might not fit in or might not be the most popular. Well as I got older and somewhat wiser I got in the catering business and started a cooking school that requires not so much book smarts as just plain ole everyday common sense and not being afraid of standing by a fire. A class that if you can pickup a Dutch oven and scoop hot coals from a fire pit- well you have got the first chapter in the book done.

Now don’t get me wrong it is not quite as easy as it might appear at first but with three things you can become a dutch oven cook, those three things are practice, practice, and more practice.

Remember those nights with all that homework and your parents hollering at you as to why you didn’t get it done at school, well at least mine did. At this here cooking school you don’t have homework at night we do however discuss the days class and any problems that you might have had. And there is that nightly problem of eating too much and the feeling of  being bloated from tasting all those delectable dishes you cooked up that day.

There are no class bullies or problem students and everyone is at the same starting line when the race begins as when it ends. So at  Chuck Wagon Cooking School you want need  a designer lunchbox, or a sack lunch from your mom.

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