Worth the drive

Did you ever need to just get away? I mean get gone, vya con dio, andale muy pronto. Well Me and the love of my life had been melting down here in Byers, Texas and needed some relief from the heat and the grasshoppers who by the way have been on dive bomber mode trying to take out an eye or even knock out a few teeth. I had  a job to entertain at the Prescott, Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering and it is a whole lot cooler there than here. So the 1,000 mile road trip was sure worth it.

We left last Wednesday. I had been before but my co-pilot Miss Keller hadn’t ever  made this trip through the badlands of New Mexico, a stop at Clines Corner, the bumper sticker capital of  America and we were off again. I told Shannon this country usually ain’t this green this ole desert country can sure grow some grass when it gets a drink every now and then. A stop that night in Holbrook and then off again on through that great “Eagle Tune”Winslow, Arizona, then to Flagstaff and then south thru some of the prettiest country in that part of the state to Prescott.

Oh how good it was to go  back to historic Cowboy country and to see old friends I hadn’t seen in three or four years. Also good to meet some new ones of course and even some we hadn’t planned on meeting like the ones on Historic Whiskey Row. Friday night on Whiskey Row is some of the best sight-seeing in the world! All types both people and dogs, and it is a well-known fact that some dogs and owners do look-alike- especially if both have been drinking.

Entertaining at the VA hospital

To be able to make people laugh is a gift I have been given. Sometimes it is a plague bust most of the time it is as easy as walking. You can go through life laughing or getting laughed at- it is your choice.  The crowds were good all through the event and it was standing room only for the Saturday night show and those folks did laugh. A good time was had by all and it was so good to see old friends and show Shannon some more good country and good people. So if you ever need to get away and cool off from the summer’s blistering heat, head over to Prescott for their Cowboy Gathering in August.

Jean Prescott and I

2 thoughts on “Worth the drive

  1. Hi, I just “met” you on “Chopping Block” on the Food Network last night, and here I am writing to the cook that should have won. With my poet husband, we attended the 2012 Cowboy Poet Gathering in Prescott. My husband, Stuart Watkins, with several others, has gotten the Arizona State Legislature to pass a bill to name a Poet Laureate for the State of Arizona. Stuart is not a cowboy, but he sure did cowboy up to get that bill passed. He’s just published a book of poems written by over 100 Arizona residents. Before the “Chopping Block” show ended, I was telling Stu that I needed to write to Sally Bates in Prescott and have her invite you to the next Gathering. Now, today, I’ve googled you, and learned that you were there entertaining in 2010. It’s time for you to go again, don’t you think? Guess this is enough words for our first “meet and greet.”

    • Thanks ma’am for your support, I always loved to go to Prescott, and would loved to be asked back. Maybe one of these days, until then, keep the wood dry and the fire hot and Cowboy Up

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