What’s a Friend

Well I always heard that a friend would give you the shirt off his back, but folks in my neck of the woods, a true friend, will give you the shirt and put a twenty in the pocket. In the last 6 months I have had folks I thought were friends up and leave me high and dry and some who were on the fence and fell off and sure didn’t fall on my side. The question I’m asking- were these folks my friends or were they just needing something I was providing at the time?

Now I’ve got me a lot of friends and they are much more valuable than any dollar I have ever seen, one of them such friends was here over the weekend. A true friend who would take a bullet for me any time and stand in death’s door to take his turn instead of mine.

That fellers name is Chris Morton, who resides in the big city of Goodnight, Texas, named after the the man who claims to be the inventor of the “Chuckwagon”, the first ever meals on wheels. I met Chris in 2002 on a ranch south of Amarillo, you may have heard of it the JA. Anyway, ole Chris is true cowboy and a first glimpse you might think somewhat hard and calloused. But folks, after many hours of visting around ole Bertha (wood stove) and drinking coffee we have become family. A man who likes his Budwieser and Copenhagen, but would give them both up for a true friend.

He had came down to help me and Shannon, my best friend, who also happens to be the one that I am in love with, feed 500 folks a steak dinner with all the trimmings,. Well not many will even consider standing by a fire in August when it is 104 and you don’t even have a fire built.  Chris, with a gait that is somewhat altered by many horse wrecks and hip replacements,  won’t win no race for speed, but I have come to find out that in friends endurance is the best attribute. So me and Shannon and Chris and Mikee we fed the multitude without a hitch, I really didn’t have any doubt about it especially with a true love and  true friends  to help.

So what is a Friend? Well let’s just say it is like a good saddle, the more time you spend with both, the better you feel. A true friend is greater than any riches you may have even if you are poor, you’re very rich if you have friends.

Chris Morton: true friend, true cowboy

 So I consider myself a rich man, not worth much money but very wealthy in friends. Remember if you are a friend then likely you will be called a friend by others. A fence is only as strong as the post in it and the wire that is strung on it, So in the fence of life put alot of post in, they’re called friends.  You will be stronger for it.

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