The Team

Well, we have all heard the word “team.” It is best described as a joint effort to get a job done whether in sports or in life. The team I’m speaking of is just two. Now I have driven some good teams of mules and good teams of horses. I had a set of Belgium Quarter crosses and they tipped the scales at about 1,800 a piece. Holding the lines on these boys was like holding a semi in low gear- but a better pair I had never owned or drove.

They always gave what I asked and often gave more than they should. Very gentle in nature and sound as they could be, you know it is hard to pull a wagon without them. Belive me, I have loaded that ole wagon and Bertha many times by myself and it just ain’t as easy as it used to be. Now don’t get  me wrong, ole Pat and Prince they still had their little quirks about what took place going down a pasture road or on the way to town. Ole Pat, the bigger of the two would let his half brother do most of the work if he could get by with it. But with a little coaxing and a line across his butt he would get back up even and step into that collar. You know there is nothing I like to do better than drive a good team- it is very relaxing and takes you back to a slower pace in life, something we all need now a days. 

Due to me getting so busy and not having time to use them in a manner that they needed, I sold them and have missed them ever since.

A wagon master is alwasy in search of the perfect team. A pair that is similar in height and color. A pair that will equally share the load and even match in disposition. But it’s harder to find than you may think. Some folks search throughout life for the perfect team, looking for these specific qualities. But I’ve found that beyond these boudaries lie some pretty solid teams.

A team or pair, to me, always meant just two of something. Whether they’re hooked up to a wagon or a partner by your side, a feller needs someone to share his life with and his work. Something that every person strives for, someone by their side, a teammate. 

 Mark Twain said, “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.” Well I have found a member and put them on my team and yes, I mean the team of life and the team of work. She is someone who pulls her share in work around the wagon but more than that, in the life she has made with me. Now she ain’t very big and we may not be that team that looks like a set of matching red mules, but let me tell you folks this little women can outwork the best of them. Her name is Shannon and my gosh she has become a great Dutch oven cook ! But more than that- a best friend I fell in love with.


 So, if you go out shopping for a team or maybe a team member take my advice: sometimes what we think we’re looking for, or ought to look for, may come in a differnt size or height or even strength. But whether it be in a person or in a horse, first look  to see if their hearts match. 

Take care in driving down the trail of life, whether it be in a wagon or by foot. And remember, with a good team member by your side, the busy journey will always be smoother and shorter.

2 thoughts on “The Team

  1. You are very lucky to have found someone so special to share you life with.
    And that goes for the both of ya. If only more people took the time to slow down and look around and say whats on their mind to the people who mean the most.

  2. It took me two tries, but I have found the same thing. God’s timing I am sure. I’ve driven many a good team and a few not so good, and I made the same analogy when I met my wife. We are a matched pair though (big ol country people) who love to work side by side. May you have many many years with your teammate.

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