The Spandex Warriors

You know in 20 plus years of catering you meet all types and cook for many different groups of people. I have cooked for brandings, weddings, corporate gatherings, , a bar mitzfah,  and a bunch of Spandex Warriors… you know bicycle riders.

 My friend and high school running mate, Joel Everett, got me this job and let me tell you folks- these folks are dedicated to their sport or hobby or what I would call punishment! Who in their right mind wants to ride 72 miles then eat my food, sleep in a pup tent, eat my cooking again for breakfast and then ride back that 72 miles? Are these people insane or have I gotten really soft? I once rode a mule 51 miles in the Gila Wilderness and my butt felt like a sunburned chicken without feathers. These folks were still able to walk normally after this excursion and it took me three hours just to get off the mule that day.

The one thing I did notice that was enticing was they had folks giving massages around on the deck, when they arrived.  All I ever got after one of them all day jaunts was a pep talk and my Uncle Duck saying, “Hell nephew are you going to cook supper?”

I had good help again as always- me and Shannon and my brother Randy and his wife Becky.  You know it takes a lot of doing to feed 300 folks, especially when they’re starving like a one winged chicken hawk.  But seriously after riding 72 miles I could have eaten a horse and two armadillos.

But I will say with all honesty, these folks are in shape… maybe not mentally but sure enough physically.  A good group they were and I look forward to doing it again next year in October at a beautiful place called Greenleaf State Park.

One thing I know for certain is that if I have to go 72 miles in a day I’m going to saddle a horse or go get in that ole ford truck of mine!

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