What’s in a Brand?

What’s in a Brand? Is it a brand name, a company logo or a certain fab that has caught your eye for a while? You know there are all kinds of brand name products that we use today, the ones we trust the most and the ones that are in style; the type of product we want to be associated with.

I have been drug down shopping aisles looking for a particular brand name of clothing, and nothing else will do- nothing second best. It has to have a particular logo on it!  I’ve searched that wonderful place known as Wal-Mart looking for that one of kind pasta that is endorsed by some chef whom I can’t even to begin to spell thier name or have even heard of. You know what I’m talking about, those three hour trips to the mall looking in every store and end up buying nothing.

NowI will have to back up a little. That little woman I have is a good shopper and is willing to settle for the off-brand products on occasion, I will have to testify on her behalf as saying on record she hates to shop as much as I do.  However, there are still some brand name products that are tried and tested. These have never let us down and always live up to their potential.

What’s in a brand? Well the brands I’m speaking of are the brands of life and the brands of ranching heritage.  The mark you put on yourself and the livestock and property you own. These brands whether there burnt on to the hide of some ole yearling or wild cow, are a right of ownership and responsibility. They are a legacy of pride that has been passed on by generations before. When you place your mark on something whether it be livestock or people they become your responsibility, a signature that you are willing to put your trust and honor into it. A brand is a permanent scar that marks what you take care of no matter the conditions. Just like the ones we love, they depend on us when we put that brand on them that they can count on us.

So the next time you here someone say that’s not my brand, ask them is it a permanent mark or is it something that will fade with time? Does it fade like ashes that have grown cold or is it burnt in the hide to stay.In the weeks ahead I will start a series of blog posts about ranches I have cooked for, the brands they stand for and the stories I’ve taken away from those places.  In the meantime- keep the irons hot!

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