The Future

  What does the future hold?

 Have you ever pondered on this? Is the future what comes along tomorrow? Is it a year ahead or weeks ahead? Man oh man if I could have predicted my future up to this point. I might have taken a few more risks and a few more precautions. Do we really need to know what the future holds? I could have probably been a rich man by now if I had known what my future holds. Whoa… let’s back this mule up and hook up to the wagon before we take off,  I may not be ready for my future, I might be having too much fun in the present.

Just how do we go about predicting this future and what lies in store for us in the coming days? Is it by signs, cards, crystal balls, or even some guru that reads palms?

Now don’t get me wrong, some of that stuff might work. Who am I to say this is all a farce, I’m just a cowboy and a chuckwagon cook. About the only thing I can predict is that the sun will come up tomorrow, just as it will go down. Did I need a psychic to tell me this? No I used common sense.

What is the future?  Webster defines the future as: “time that is to be or come hereafter”

Is that time today? Beats me. If I knew what was going to be I wouldn’t have to burn anymore bread when the wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. I wouldn’t get wet anymore and always know when the coffee was about to boil over before it actually did.

Is the future molded by our past and present or is by some mystical power that we can’t see? Well I think (and that gets me in a lot of trouble most of the time), if we want to know what the future holds we should look at what was in our past and what we are doing now. My dad said, “I would hate to think I had to do soemthing in my future that I dreaded everyday. That’s why I like the present because I’m doing just what I want.”  

Albert Einstein said,”I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.”

So do we really need know? I could have sure enough got around some rank horses, rode some better bulls and prevented a lot of ache and pains. But man, I learned something from all those things and some of that, no matter how rough it seemed at the time taught me some very valuable lessons.

 Now I’m not saying I’m against the future and what it brings me, my gosh I have about all I need now; a job I like, my health and a woman I adore. So by all means let’s look to the future and what it holds in store for  each of us. Embrace what you have now and let the good times roll even if they ain’t so good. Who knows- tomorrow may be a better day all together.

Just remember, the sun will come up tomorrow and it will go down. Cloudy or not that ball of fire will go to bed and the Man in the Moon will take his place.

What’s in the future? Chances are if you are happy now you probably will be happy tomorrow. Live today like it was you last and remember, “laugh often, rest when you can and love with all your heart.” You won’t need no readings or a psychic or signs to help you make another day. Read the signs you have been given by the things you have done andthe knowledge you have acquired.

So I ask myself,  “What is in my future?” I sure hope another day about like today- it sure turned out all right!

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