IDK: or I have no idea what’s going on.

It came on my cell phone and it just gets worse! I’m talking about a text message and they’re written in a foreign language.  Is it slang, is someone calling me a bad name or can they just not spell?

Now I know that the modern age is here and I just as well saddle my horse and ride along with it or get left way behind in the dusty trail. But my garsh, if they have a phone in their hand can’t they just call the person they want to talk to? Do they not know their numbers… come on! It  is just from 1 to 10- it is simple I learned them in the first grade and we didn’t have cell phones then.

I know some people say I have an accent and I put letters in words  that don’t have them. Like winders, you know those things you look out of from inside the house. And maters and taters, them things you eat. Or when you do laundry, you warsh clothes and if a bad cloud comes up it might have a tornader in it.

But I don’t abbreviate my words no matter how bad my spelling is. Just what do these things stand for that are in my text messages now? Like LOL.  Does it mean Look out Lucy!, or maybe it’s lots of love or is it short for that butter Land of Lakes, hell if I know.

Just the other day I called a feller about a cooking and he sent me this, TTYL. My garsh, what did that mean? I ain’t no linguist (I looked that word up) and I sure can’t speak any foreign language… I have enough trouble with English. Does that mean tack and tan your leather? I’m confused.

A feller I met in Canada sent me this  on my cell phone when I was in the airport in Seattle; thanks and come see us anytime BFF. Beer for free?! I love Canada!

I’ve also received a text from a feller who I was working with that sent me BRB. I showed up at his house a little later with a 6 pack. When he answered the door he asked me what I was doing? “You just said bring your beer.” He closed the door.

So where is all this beer- and why aren’t I getting any of it?!

I do get this one on occassion:  :). I have never seen that brand on any cow on the ranches I’ve worked on. What would you even call that- a shielded snake eye?

I left a message on a rancher’s phone the other day and told him I shut the gate on my way out and he sent this: TY. Well, I turned around and took a rope to tie the gate shut. My garsh I had already latched the gate as good as I knew how.

Let’s not forget these that show up also: OMG (I’m pretty sure they mean’t ONG, Oklahoma Natural Gas)- believe me it gives me gas just trying to figure these all out.

Well I refuse to figure all this out and it would seem a whole lot easier to call and just say what you mean and quit writing in code. That is what is wrong with the modern world today, say what you mean and mean what you say, don’t be afraid to spell it out. If you can’t spell, go back to school and learn your letters, and I mean all 26 of them.

So all I can say to sum this up is until I can call you- I will BRB and you can LOL if you want to but OMG I’m SOL if you think I can cypher all of this out. So I TY, and I will TTYL.

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