An Easy Keeper

I always heard the old timers say, “If you get a good one you’re sure enough lucky. You better hang on to it.”

How many chances do you get and how many good ones are out there? They would call them easy keepers- translated into easy to get along with, easy to handle and easy to learn.

Did you have to train on them or was it something bred into the? Is it an acquired trait or is it natural?

We have all heard folks say,” …they look so natural,” or “…they make it look so easy.” They  always live up to a challenge and no task seems insurmountable. As the old timers would always tell me a good one  they just comes along once in lifetime. You will know it when they show up, they make you a better person for it. And when these old pros felt you had earned the right and you needed a mount they would loan you a horse and tell you, “Throw your saddle on him his is a good one.”

You can learn alot from the back of horse. Things like try, determination, heart and stamina. Most of all you can learn trust and the meaning of the word relationship. You develop a bond with a good horse. A horse that carries you with pride and strives to excel in what ever you are doing, no matter the conditions or the circumstances. You can trust the good ones to get you out of a wreck even when you’re tied on hard and fast.

I have thrown my saddle on some really good horses. I had one that was better than the rest, “Champ.” A big ole roan horse that had a heart as big as Fort Worth. But does that mean am out of good horses?  Have I had all my chances? Surley not. But even if I have my lessons have been learned and I count my blessings for the good horses and the good people that I have known who have rode them.

Through the years I would recall the words of wisdom from those old men who stood as tall as might oaks, weather and scared from hours of sweat, sun and saddle. And their words began to sink in even more.

Saddle up with a good one and take life on no matter what comes along. When your rope gets strecthed tight and cinches are pulled to the last hole, it is good to know that what is backing you up is a good one. Sinew and flesh, sweat and muscle, you have got your self a partner.

Do these words and the picture they’re painting  just apply to horses, or did they mean them as a lesson in life? I think they apply to both and a lifestyle that I embrace. My dear friend, Leon Autrey, who is the true definition of cowboy summed it up best, “Like some of my saddle horse’s, he has a lot of heart. The quality of a good horse and good people is measured by the size of there heart.”

I don’t get to ride as much as I used to but the lessons and the meanings still apply. The view from the back of the horse has always been a place of comfort and peace.

So I have saddled up with a good one now and she works beside me, pulls her share of the load and never backs down fromm a challenge. It’s good to know that just like the good horses I spoke of she too is one of those partners that just comes along once in  a lifetme. Thanks Shannon for sharing the ride with me. As the old timers said, you’re are a easy keeper!

2 thoughts on “An Easy Keeper

    • Julie, thanks so much. It was great to see yall this past week, if you nd Rich would like to come to cooking school just holler at my new wife and we will get yall fixed up, thanks again for everything.

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