A 65 mph Air Stream

Well, we all know the wind can blow and I mean really blow. And this particular day that me and my love drove down to Decatur, Texas the wind was blowing at least 65 mph. In fact, we saw an ole cow who was down with her business end facing the southwest breeze… she had the same calf three times that day. I mean the harder she pushed the more the wind would blow. That poor little calf must have thought he was training at NASA. But you have all heard me say I like a challenge and this was going to be a good test. We were driving to cater for a Vintage Airstream camp out with 65+ mph winds and a burn ban to boot! We were fixin’ to find out the true meaning of an air stream.

Courtesy of Jim Cooper

Now how they kept them shiny aluminum trailers from blowing over is still a mystery to me. A great group of folks they were and we pulled it off without a hitch. Now don’t get  me wrong we looked a little worse from the wind. Shannon had a new do on that eveining I had never seen… it looked like her hair had been in a Hoover Wind Tunnel vaccumm for about three days. And If I had had a stampede string on my ole black hat it would have choked me to death at least three times.

Courtesy of Jim Cooper

Courtesy of Jim Cooper

It’s hard to cook without firewood and according to the Forest Service I could use a gas grill, propane or charcoal. It’s a little tricky to fry a hundred chicken fried steaks with charcoal, and I don’t have a gas grill that is as big as ole /bertha, so I opted for my propane burners and my deep fryer on steroids. It holds three baskets, six gallons of oil and a pear burning torch that fits in the side. A turbo charged deep fryer with an attitude! It makes as much racket as a bull wagon with the jake brake on overdrive! The hardest part was trying to keep the burner lit. But I found the right spot facing the north at a 45 degree with everything third gust changing back to a slight  west/ southwest angle.  Now, I know this might sound like a geometric equation but it worked and with the help of horseshoes as lid savers me and my love got er’ done!

We pitched a teepee among the silver sea of Airstreams after supper and bedded down to get ready to cook breakfast the next morning. That ole tarp on them teepees can beat you to death at night like a  400lb dog waggin his tail against a wooden screen door at feeding time. It did subside right about time to get up and it was a gorgeous day.

Courtesy of Jim Cooper

Breakfast was a breeze without the breeze. We started the task at hand and made sausage, gravy and eggs. And since we still couldn’t make bread the old fashioned way with coals, we improvised and turned on the burners for some fry bread. That’s always a good trick if you don’t have fire.

With the dishes done and the wagon loaded we broke camp and headed for Henrietta, Texas to feed 235 a steak meal that evening. With the help of Robert and Chris and kitchen help, we pulled that one off too. That lady of mine can plan things down to the T, I wish she could just do something about the wind!

So when you see one of them shiny Airstream trailers going down the trail, tip your hat and wave because they are some good folks in that bunch. And they can eat dinner on the fly… and by that I mean, they can catch there neighbor’s plate on the way by and still not miss a bite.

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