Manners, What Happend to Them?

I may step on a few toes with this one. Might even break one or two plum off. But my gosh- what happen to the proper way in which some folks think they have the right to act and talk?!

I was raised with manners that my mother taught to us when we were little, but more than, that I learned by example. I’ve seen many an old-timer and the way he acted around others as well as his horses. They would say you teach by example and you lead by the way you would like to be led.

They always treated folks and horses well. In fact, let’s just list a few manners and see if they still apply:

          open all doors, not only for your sweetie, but for all women

          always tip your hat to the ladies no matter old or young, tall or small

          no profanity around women or children

          call all ladies “ma’am”

That last one, by the way,  has offended some women I have met. They tell me, “I am not old enough for you to call me ma’am, so call me by my name.” So most of the time I say, “Can’t help it I was raised that way, sorry ma’am if it offends you.” Then grin and bid them good day.

The one I have the most comments on in a parking lot is when I open the door for Shannon. I’ve had folks stop me and say “You are just showing off ain’t you?” Well the answer is no. It is my duty and my obligation to the women I love. It is an act of kindness. You know, that kind of  stuff still goes along way in the eyes of a beautiful lady. I have seen ladies coming out of a store or restaurant with their  hands full of bags or kids and someone cuts them off or slams the door on them. My gosh what happen to manners?!

We have all heard the phrase, treat others like you want to be treated or what goes around comes around  and as Shannon tells me, be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. Well from what I have noticed at times, is what is going around is a lack of manners and it will come back one of these days and bite you in the butt if you ain’t careful.

A lot could be learned if everyone would just walk into an ole cow camp and notice what them fellers would do if a women was ever present. Everyone would tip their hats and it would be yes ma’am, and no ma’am and can I get you anything ma’am?

 Has the society that we live in got so busy and so technical that we have forgotten our upbringing?

Just slow down and don’t let your actions or your mouth say something before your brain kicks into gear. Remember manners make a big difference, or as Mr. Henry Ward Beecher  says:

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.

5 thoughts on “Manners, What Happend to Them?

  1. Mr. Rollins you are truly a gentleman and you were raised right. Alot of people could learn something from you if they would just open their minds and hearts.

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