I know I am guilty of both at times, but more often than not I may have forgotten something. I don’t like to take things for granted, because if you do, some of the things we take for granted will dissappear and never come back. And if you take them for granted long enough they become forgotten.

Now I know there are things I like to call certains. The sun wil come up tomorrow and the wind is going to blow. It’s going to be hot on the Fourth of July and you can’t push a rope but you can sure pull it. The things I have taken for granted and sometimes forgot are: yes that cow will kick you if you stick her with the hot shot, coffee will boil over if left unattended and some folks will take advantage of you if they get the chance. Oh yea, the cast iron will be hot when left on ole Bertha. And yes, all of the above do have consequences- they hurt when it’s over.

There have been times when I have felt forgotten because I have been taken for granted. You get in a routine that is the same everyday and it becomes habit. Some folks would call that a ritual or a pattern, and I would say to you look out!

Let’s just say you have an ole horse that you have rode for years and he has never bucked a lick. Then one day he piles you on the ground like a sack of taters in a mudhole. Now don’t get me wrong, I ain’t telling you to always be supicious, but if you get so relaxed in a particular situation it will sneak up on you and bite you in the butt! Just like an old gate- if you leave it open long enough something’s gonna sneak out. You may not have seen an ole cow or anything close to the gate but if you run off and leave it long enough the whole bunch might sneak off.

If something is misplaced and we cant find it no matter how hard we look, it soons become forgotten. But did we assume, (and we all know what that does), it would always be there?

I don’t take the things for granted that mean the most to me. They do become  habit because they’re special and play a great part in my life.  But I never assume that the things I cherish the most will always be there.

I tell Shannon everyday, “I don’t ever take your love for granted, and thank you for today and your tomorrow.”

So if there is someone special in your life tell them what they mean to you on occasion…. you know like everyday.

Have you been forgotten or have you forgotten something or someone? Maybe it’s because you took it for granted long enough they faded away and disappeard like ashes in the wind. Before it’s too late put some more kindling on the fire and fan the embers. Start the fire.

Instead of forgotten and for granted, use these instead:  for always and forever.

Be sure to shut the gate, remember any horse can buck and last but not least, if you’re out of sight long enough you become out of mind.

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