Right Place, Right Time

Now I have seen a bunch of them, in the morning and in the late afternoon. At times when it was so cold that old Bertha was even shivering and asking for wood, and when it was so hot that you could cook on her without wood. I’ve been places where I have missed them all together and craved to see them just for the inspiration that they bring. I’ve seen them in times of solitude when it’s so quite you can’t even hear the shutter snap when the picture is made. I have even had folks tell me they have never seen one and wondered what they might look like.

They happen twice every day, a sunrise and a sunset. Two pictures that are simalar,  but totaly different in ways. A sight so spectacular that it would make Rembrant’s work look like it was a paint by number.

I have stood in awe and watched with my mouth open and my heart pounding. It never fails, they take your breath away when you’re in the right place at the right time. The colors can be so vivid they shout out at you saying,  Just slow down and take the time to see this miraculous sight!

The canvas is usually a sky that has been darked by the approaching event or a glimmer of hope at dawn’s early light. The colors that follow are not made by a brush stroke but with whispy clouds blown by the winds before them. The slightest hint of light makes a broad spectrum of so many vibrant shades.

This art gallery is open every day and there is no admission, no long lines and you don’t even have to buy a ticket. Just take the time to wait for that short instance a passing moment in time, that moment when the camera of life has the shutter speed slowed down for us all to see. There’s a fresh start for all of us at the begining of a new morning.

I have waited on these moments with more anticipation than a kid waiting on Santa on Christmas Eve.

I’m so glad that I peeked out from the fly of the wagon and took these sights in. Those cowboys I was feeding didn’t mind the wait, they’re in awe by the sight too. I look forward to the morning so we can start this art show all over again.

So next time try to put life on pause for a moment to see Mother Nature’s light. It’s her way of reminding us that each day is fresh, each day is unique and to be thankful that it is another day.

11 thoughts on “Right Place, Right Time

  1. The thing we learn about God is that He can paint colors brighter and more vivid than any human brush. Even when you think you’ve seen the most spectacular sunrise or sunset, wait. He’ll suprise you with another that’s even greater than the last.

  2. My wife and I rise and 4:15 every morning due to our work schedules. First thing was to get a cup of hot coffee and for me a cigar and go to our back porch. On weekends since we have a tendency to get up at the same time we could just sit there and watch the sunrise. She usually at work now when the sunrise happens but I still enjoy walking down to the boatdock to see the sun rise and the glitter in the water and the paint it does to the skies!

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