The Steps We Take

We have all heard the expression,  follow in his footsteps.

I have had some big footsteps to follow and some so tiny I could barely see them. I tried to follow in my dads footsteps, and man oh man those have been big boots to fill. I’ve stepped out and been stepped on. Some steps came easy and some were hard.

Do you remember thatt old game, Mother May I? Mother may I please take one giant step? Well I’ve found out some of those steps were humongous.

I have tried to step over some things and step around others. I missed a lot of cow pies and rattlesnakes by using the old adage look before you leap. And sometimes I have been so confused on what step to take next I felt like I was in a game of twister with two left feet.

Why can’t there be directions to follow- you know like when you’re trying to put that what-you-ma-call-it  together and it always says Please follow step 1 before going to step 10. Now I know everyone likes a shortcut and sometimes they save time and sweat, but often times they lead to a do over, heartache and embarrassment. There are a lot of steps on a ladder but miss a couple and see what happens.

So where are the directions when we face adversity and hardship and don’t know which step to take next?

Don’t step in that!  Well sometimes it’s too late and you’re knee-deep in it before you realized that you had slid in there in the first place. But since you’re now in the cow pile, whether it be real manure or just the everyday cowpile of life, ask yourself this question, Was this accidental, were you pushed or did it sneak up on you?

I try to avoid some steps because I’m scared of where they might lead or I haven’t been down that path before.  As an old rancher told me once, There are a lot of cow trails out there and the ones that are easiest to follow sometimes just go in circles.

With each step we take we should feel more at ease at taking the next and then the next just like when we’re learning to walk. Often the steps are shaky and not only do they hurt your feet but also your heart. I have learned that it is best to follow in the tracks of those left before, use them as a map or guideline, and when you’re faced with uncertain steps, go for it- that is if it fits. You can walk a lot farther in boots that aren’t too tight. Be comfortable in the steps you take and the journey you’re on. Life is full of obstacles and hardships that you have to step in or step over.  Like my dad said when he found out he had cancer for the second time, This aint no step for a stepper.

Step up in that saddle and take a hold of the reins, he might buck a little but the hardest part was just getting on in the first time.

Most of the steps I have taken were in the right direction, but believe me I got off the trail and made some bad steps too. But you pay a little better attention the next time and take it slower like a sure-footed ole mule on slick rock.

I have found out via my little sweet wife, it’s easier to walk beside someone than walking ahead of or behind them. My steps are lighter and most of the time smoother, as I continue to step along this path of life and its many trails. Sometimes it’s not the steps we take but who we take them with.

9 thoughts on “The Steps We Take

    • Julie thanks so much for reading but more than that thanks for the friendship. The steps we take go in alot of different directions at times and if we look as we go we find a lot of blessings along the way

  1. This reminds me of what I used to tell my kids at the Alternative High School where I taught outdoor ed whenever they became frustrated while trying to hurry through a huge task: “Take one step at a time. That’s how you climb a mountain.” I used to be a mountaineer so I literally lived that motto. Thanks for reminding us to be mindful of our steps wherever they takes us!

  2. “There are a lot of cow trails out there and the ones that are easiest to follow sometimes just go in circles.”

    Awesome words!!

    I’ve found myself in some of them circles before. You feel like you’re always busy, but never getting anywhere…might be that I was takin’ the easy way out….and that don’t get you anywhere.

  3. That was delightful! Your insight, hit home on so many levels. I certainly enjoyed your metaphors & yes… missing a few steps on a ladder can lead some perils! Thanks so much for writing this! Hats off to you Mr. Kent :)

      • I think the roads we take, and the steps we take upon them lead us to where we ‘need’ to go. Even the mistakes we make are the tools we use, to learn to be a better person. :)

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