In My Rear View Mirror

It’s just a small mirror that hangs on the windshield of my pick-up. It is supposed to be used to see what’s coming up from behind. I have used it many times to back up to that old wagon trailer, used it to guide my way into barns in the dark and checked and rechecked to see if what I was pulling was still there. So many times I have looked back just to make sure ol’ Bertha and the wagon hadn’t deciced to get off somehwere else. Man oh man what a wreck that would be! Like I’ve heard them say about horse wrecks on a ranch, “That was a Hell of wreck and I didn’t even get to see it!”

At times I have looked back at the view and been glad to get out of that particular place. It may have been a snow drift, or a bog hole or some old ranch road that was like the grand canyon and I wondered if my Ford was going to get us out of there. I have pulled out onto the highway from being on a ranch for four weeks and could hear a sigh of relief from that Ford as if to say, “Finally, civilization and asphalt!” After a few miles I’ll look in that little mirror hoping I haven’t left anything behind and can see that ribbon of asphalt dissapearing behind me, fading into the evenings sunlight like a curtian being drawn shut at the day’s end.

That little piece of glass is mighty important while driving forward or backing up. The view it creates is sometimes frightening, sometimes sad but at times a relief. I have looked back at that old house when I was leaving for a while and think how good it was going to be to get back to the luxurios lifestyle of a sit down toilet and a stand up shower, a beagle dog and the little lady who loves me.

It would be so nice to have a rear view mirror hooked up to my hat at times to show me what was coming up behind me. I think I will make that a project of mine. Maybe I’ll go to the junkyard and get one of them big truck mirrors and duck tape it to my old black hat. I’ll have to make sure it has one of them little round mirrors at the bottom to let me see what I might be fixin’ to squat down on in the predawn light when morning duties beckon. It would come in so handy, there would be no more squatting on cactus or thorny mesquite limbs. Why I might even get me a patent! It would be a must for all cowboys and folks with bad eyesight and bad judge of distance.

But on a more serious note, it would be nice to see what was coming up behind us in life especially the bad stuff so we could be better  prepared to deal with it. Grandma used to say hindsight is 20-20, so learn from what you’ve seen or experienced.

That rear view mirror is like looking into a crystal ball from the inside out. Always check that mirror before starting out on your journey. Adjust it to the right angle and check it frequently. Sometimes the view looking back is worth a second glance because what has happened can give us clues to what lies ahead.

Happy viewing!

5 thoughts on “In My Rear View Mirror

  1. If you do get that mirror hooked up to your hat Cookie, and you use it to squat, just remember, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

  2. Having been born in Lubbock, I always got a chuckle out of Mac Davis’s old song “Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in My Rearview Mirror”. I haven’t lived there since I was just a baby but me and my brothers went back every summer and worked on Granddad’s farm and after he died we worked on our uncle’s farm. I still love going out there. We have a family reunion every year that I don’t get to make half as much as I like to. When I was a kid and we headed home to Cowtown, I always turned around and watched Lubbock fade away in the distance, past the cotton fields till got darn near to Idalou. That rear view mirror you talk about Kent? Now all I can see in it is that young’un in the back seat watchin’ and wishin’ he could just stay…..

    Thanks again for great memories….. See ya next week.

  3. Hind sight is 20-20, I’ve heard that a few times in my life time. It usually got a look from me to the bearer of bad news. lol Looking out for that bad coming up behind us, it sure would be a nice to have a rear view mirror. *chuckles* Good luck with that patent, Kent! lol *curtsy*

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