Cowboy Up!

There are so many little phrases that encourage us to reach into our hearts and pull out more strength and more endurance than we ever thought we could muster. Those little words that stick deep in our craw, words that are burned into our heart and soul.

I have heard many a little phrase for getting it done, outlasting the everlasting and sticking it out no matter how bad it hurts. We all have it in us, but sometimes we just don’t know it’s there until we get right down to it: the last straw, the last minute, the last chance. That’s when you hear those little words that get you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take a hold of life and not look back.

I have often heard it said to the home team during a football game when that old “mo” has slipped over to the other team due to some spectacular play or miraculous catch. A time when momentum may be lagging and a shot of enthusiasm is needed. In my world, momentum is often trying to get down the hill fast enough with that old Ford and wagon attached, to make it up the next hill. At times, I ask myself, did have this momentum before I started or did it just happen by and I got on for the free ride?

I’ve heard that you can’t get by on somebody else’s coat tails, because the weight of you hanging on will eventually cause a tear and sooner or later the big fall will commence. It’s like cow skiing when we were little. We’d grab an old cow (that was preoccupied) by the tail and hang on through the slime and manure until she cut one way and us the other. The outcome was never pleasant.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is you have to get it done on your own sometimes… no free rides.

The term that got me through some off the roughest things in life was what I heard the old timers say when they got in a bind or some cow was making a break for the mesquite trees. Or when a bronc horse would decide it was time to have a meltdown. It was hollered by the whole crew and shouted loud and clear to be heard by all and that was around, “Cowboy Up!” Those two little words meant so much. It was a way of saying no matter what’s fixin’ to take place, we’re counting on you to not let us down. Make a hand and stay in the saddle no matter how rough the ride. Cowboy Up meant you were giving your heart and soul to perform this sometimes insurmountable task, and them other fellers where depending on you to get it done.

It also was a matter of pride and honor.

It was an honor that those fellers hollering were putting faith and sweat and blood in your hands. And that man in the saddle was out to prove to himself, and those fellers that he was going to give his best effort, no matter how hard the ground might be. And pride that would swell inside from a shot of confidence that those fellers gave.

Cowboy Up! ’cause it’s the thing to do. Whether it’s bucking horses or hooking cows, life’s not easy so give it your all. In the end you will feel better no matter the outcome. Disappointment is easier to swallow if you know in your heart that you gave it your all and you left nothing out- all the ingredients were added, the sweat, the blood and your heart.

If you keep using this recipe you can always make it through life no matter what it throws at you. Oh I will promise you, there will be times it’s going to hurt and I mean break you heart, but  if life were easy it wouldn’t be any fun. The toughest of times may be ahead, so bear down, give it your all and as Shannon tell’s me, “Bring on your A game!”

So pull your cinches tight and hang on to that saddle horn. Squeeze that leather until your knuckles turn white and you think you can’t hold on anymore. Then reach deep into your heart and soul and ask for more, and remember- have fun. Because you know by now, if it ain’t going to be fun, I aint going!

When life throws a you bunch of bucking horses in your string all I can say is, Cowboy Up we’re counting on you to get it done.

46 thoughts on “Cowboy Up!

  1. I am watching you on the Food Network right now! Cool! Judi Fuller, Nacogdoches, Tx

    For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” – Psalm 84:11

  2. Kent needs his OWN show on Food Network called “Cowboy Up”, we watch Grillmasters because of him! Could watch him everyday! Just watching and listening to him makes you feel good! We LOVE him

  3. Kent – you are amazing. Thank you for staying true to the Cowboy way. I grew up in Altus and my “raisin'” will never leave me. “Yes ma’am” and “Yes sir” are as much a part of us as breathing. I watched you on Food Network and I was never so proud of anyone as I was of you. God Bless.

  4. Kent,

    you were my wife’s and my favorite contestant on Chopped: Grill Masters. We wish you all the best, and we look forward to finding our way to your part of the country and eating that delicious food you make.

  5. Spoiler warning! Don’t read further if you haven’t seen the chopped grillmasters finale!

    Kent, after watching the drama unfold on Grillmasters and coming just a hair short of becoming champion – have you tried your hand at sardines again? In a lighthearted “conquer your demons” sort of way? While watching the show I had an “armchair quarterback” moment thinking to myself “if Kent had only lightly grilled those darn fish and then put them in the stew for just the final minute or so…”. In retrospect I’m glad you decided to stew them because I’d like to think there’s always a palatable method to stew ANYTHING in a dutch oven, including small fish. The audience saw the challenges presented with stewed whole sardines on the show, however I suspect fillets chopped into small bite-sized chunks (without those pesky bones!) should make for a mighty tasty experience similiar to cioppino style soups.

    Wish you more success with your most recent exposure to cable television audiences!

    • Thanks and me and sardines are just different in taste I reckon. I probably want add them to my menue any time soon
      The only sardines I ever ate were in a can and cost 19 cents a can.

  6. I cried when I saw that Kent didn’t win chopped! Mercy, even Amanda cried! I watched every episode because of you Kent and man, there outta be more people in this world like you. I love to cook, but just can’t get that knack of prettying up a plate. You put love into your cooking and just seems that shows. Sure wish you all the very best in life and thank you for all your wonderful good naturedness.

  7. Kent, I was so impressed with your performance on Chopped, we were pulling for you all the way. I need to track down your episode of Throwdown. Congratulations sir, you did yourself and your family proud.

  8. Great job Kent! It was a pleasure to watch you doing what you love. Nice to see good people on TV who are decent and respectful. You are a class act!

  9. Kent, I believe you saw Ernest was having a bit of difficulty in the last round when you called out to him. You mighta won if you hadn’t done that but you gave him his “Cowboy Up” and he gathered. Just goes to what I’ve been saying all along, that’s just the kind of man you are. Nice play…..

    • thanks Karl, he would have done the same. It was hard to get that close and not catch what I was swinging the rope at but my rope is always ready withanother loop. thanks for watching

  10. I was just watching the Chopped finale. I liked all of the finalist, but not doubt you were my favorite. I ended like that judge, with teary eyes. And I really hope some day I get to try something you cook. Good luck, and thanks!

  11. Hi Kent, my wife and I just watched a re-run of the Chopped Grill Master and were so disappointed when you didn’t win. We wanted to know more about you so we turned to Google. Let’s just stay, you have touched our hearts. My dad’s family is all from Texas, so even though I grew up in the Northeast, my heart is rooted in the Southwest. Will you be doing cooking classes in the Spring? We would be interested if you are. Please let us know.

  12. My husband and son even joined me watching the Food Network Grill Masters. They were so impressed by your work ethic (though they shouldn’t be; my family is from North Central Oklahoma, and roots run deep!) Keep up the great work and if you are ever in Chattanooga Tennessee, stop by and see us!

  13. This is the first time I have ever looked someone up after seeing them on the Food Network. Incredible. I’ve never met a cowboy before. But you are a great ambassador not only for your food but your lifestyle. Your soul shines through! Natural charisma!

    • Lilly, thanks so much for watching and taking the time to read the blog, I just enjoy life and what it brings my way. As for being cowboy thats all I am, I have a loving wife who gives me support and with her I believe any thing is possible. I love what I do and what I cook, may not know what it is at first but my mother taught me cook what you love and love what you cook. Thanks again

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