“Ekonomee,” why I don’t even know how to spell it, never did. You see where I grew up we never had an economy and  didn’t expect one to develop. We, and everyone like us in hard times Rural America, got by no matter what the News or Government told us. We took every day step by step.

I can remember an old timer once told me, “Them politicians don’t even know where we live!” And I think it was one of my mentors, Will Rogers, who said, “If you took all the politicians in the U.S. and laid them down end to end across the country they would lie for ever.” Now I aint never been one to take a political stand, I just stand for what has always meant the most to me and that is God, Family and Country.

I never depended on Wall Street just the Main Street of the little communities that I have lived in. And as for representatives, mine were the men  and woman who taught us wrong from right and to treat each other kindly. I don’t know about the House of Representatives because we always represented our own house, with hard work and diginity.

This thing they call Ekonomee is what we make of it. It may even be like the Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. But take a hold of what you have and run with it. If you saddle a horse then ride him for all it’s worth. You may not have chosen that horse but there’s a job to be done and just like voting, check them cinches before you go and get on.

A man once told me on a ranch, “You get out of it what you put into it,” so give it your all. I tell Shannon we are going to have the best year of our life everyday, the phone is going to ring, you must have faith.  This Ekonome deal is the same way- you have to put your heart into, don’t sit back and let someone else always ride the rough horses for you.

A fellar just the other day asked me what I thought of these troubled times and bad economic conditions? As I was leaning over to check the biscuits in my Dutch oven I said, “Sir I don’t have bad economic conditions just bad weather and occasionally a sore back. And as for the troubled times well mine don’t get much worse than burnt biscuits or wet wood. As for the wet wood, I can eventually get it dried out but as far as the burnt biscuits go, we will just have to cut the bottoms off and hope they work.”

So wake up America and smell the burnt biscuits because we will make them biscuits work! This economy may be like them burnt biscuits, the bottoms may be cinged a little but they sure aint ruined. We as Americans will get this meal done, and the bread of our nation, the people, will survive and live to fix another meal.

So let’s tend to the business at hand and make a hand in what ever we’re doing. As Americans we always rally around that Great Flag or ours and take the bull by the horns and persevere. We are strong people no matter the conditions or the times.

So to sum all this up let’s just say the windmill is still pumping and the creek ain’t dry as long as there are folks out there who believe in what we are doing and how we do it. Like I’ve always said, “Life is simple people complicate it.”


26 thoughts on “Ekonomee

  1. Kent, thank you for reminding us that it’s never as bad as you think. If you got your family and you faith, you’ll get by.

  2. Yup, Kent (and Shannon) that’s the way it is. Be careful…you could be a political appointment/advisor for all your wisedom

  3. Love your comments.God bless the USA You made me smile on CHOPPED and I subscribed because I need to hear your wit and humor often.

  4. Kent,

    Loved what you wrote…you are correct and succinct and I wish more people thought like you do. I’m with you.

    Also, loved the other 2 posts you had on here…brings back some memories of Christmas’ past for me as well and lessons learned.

    Thank you for your insight, honesty and “cowboy” talk…you bring humor and great things to the forefront for us to think about.

  5. Kent, I always like to her your take on things!!!
    growing up the way we did gives us a diferent take on life and as I enter into this new political job I have as State Represenative I hope I dont forget where I come and if I do please remind me!

  6. You never know when and where or from whom that a word of engouragement may come but this morning I did get the message thanks Kent

  7. Kent, Each and every time that I read what you have written, I think of the influence your Mom, Dad, and Madeline have had on you! It shows up so much in what you write and what your perspective about life is. Those of us who live in Harmon County are so proud of you and for the ability you have to write from your “heart”! May God continue to bless you and your family, and May God Bless AMERICA!!

  8. Mr. Rollins it was a pleasure to meet you and your wife yesterday out here in Lubbock! And I don’t think this is a political stance at all… It’s just common sense… Well it should be anyway! Thanks for the great food and fun stories!

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