A Bucking Horse Named, Doubt


It’s a brother to, I will get to it later and a cousin to, it can wait. It’s also the great uncle of, there’s always tomorrow.

But as they say in my country, “Let’s make hay while the sun shines and strike while the iron is hot.” Get it done now- not later, not tomorrow, right now!

Now, there are chores I would like to put off for a rainy day, but my gosh is it ever going to rain? You know like mowing the grass, fixing that wore out gate and nailing that loose piece of tin back on the shed. Seems to me, those are things that are always going to be there. No rush, no worries. I had one of them procrastinators tell me, “If you let it pile up long enough it’s easier to see.”

We were breaking colts for a friend of ours in southwest Oklahoma and he told me, “If you don’t get on that horse today, odds are he’s going to buck worse tomorrow.” And that’s for dang sure. We had an old horse we called Fooler, for many reasons, but mainly because he was born on April Fool’s Day. And that horse could chin the moon- I mean he could really get some air. Dang near needed a parachute to ride him.

I’d been putting off riding him since he had first been broken, but I knew he needed to be worked with. bhorseDaddy and I went out into the pasture and the second I got on… Fooler was wanting me off. After a few good launches, I grabbed for the saddle horn and as Fooler’s front hooves hit the ground I heard a loud snap and I went flying backwards. Good thing we were in a freshly plowed pasture ‘cause it was the only thing to cushion my backside as I hit. The horn had broken on the saddle, which really shook me up. I had my doubts about what ol’ Fooler was going to pull, but I never thought my trusty saddle would surprise me.

Truth is, weren’t my saddle’s fault, nor ol’ Fooler’s. It was my own fault for putting off the task for so long- and Fooler and my saddle horn were just trying to remind me of it.

If you let that procrastination pile get big enough- it’ll plum cover up the sun and you’ll never been able to see what you’re doing. Doubt is what darkens the pathway to success.  My grandmother always said the toughest part of any job is just getting started.

Well it’s time to start! The horses are saddled and the wagon is pulling out.

There are many tasks that will try our confidence and keep us from tackling them. When I traveled to Tucson for the filming of Chopped Grill Masters I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. After meeting some of my culinary trained competitors, I wondered if I even belonged there, and some of them even wondered the same thing. But as soon as I felt the fire, I just cooked like I always do. Not only did I make it to the finals, but I met some really good folks too.

If you give it your all, no matter the outcome, you should hold your head up and be proud. Get up and do what you’ve been putting off whether it’s something big like learning a new language (I’m still trying to get English right), or changing the light bulb that’s been burned out for months- let’s get it done!

Now there is a moral to this story- as I always try to have one. Doubt is a bucking horse, but the less you give in to him the more he’ll let you on for a smoother ride. Trust in your instincts and your talents, they won’t let you down if you don’t put them off.

7 thoughts on “A Bucking Horse Named, Doubt

  1. You know, I was cleaning out my emails when I noticed that I hadn’t read this post because I got the notice on my cell phone. So, of course, I went and opened it. I wish I had read it this morning, because, I am at that place in my to do list that I just don’t want to do. Weeding and trim work, not that I like doing yard work at all, but those are my worst. I put it off, doing odd little things here and there and guess what…. the flipping weeds are longer now. Thanks once again for the advice, I think I am headed outside to do what I can before sundown and then hit it again tomorrow. Love ya brother!

    • TJ, thanks for the read and it was a lesson on this the hard way many years ago that I learned not to put off or turn off. Keep things safe in your neck of the woods and you know your always welcome in our camp

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