About Kent

kent rollinsHowdy and welcome to my Blog. My wife got me to writing down some of the stories that have been shared around many a campfire. I hope ya’ll enjoy getting a little glimpse into the cowboy and chuck wagon life.

You can read more information about me by visiting our website: kentrollins.com

Just remember to never take the little things in life for granted and always laugh. If you can’t laugh at life – you’ll surely get run over by it.

23 thoughts on “About Kent

  1. Just watched Chopped, you should have your own cooking show. They chopped you but the people in NC think you’re a winner.

  2. I just watched chopped and was routing for you. I’m sure you would have won if you didn’t cut your finger. If I’m ever in OK I will check out the Chuckwagon! If you did have your own show I would watch it.

  3. I have been making your coffee at home with outstanding results over the past year. Hard to believe conventional wisdom is so so wrong about boiling coffee, incredibly good and life changing. Thanks

  4. Kent, I watched you on “Chopped” the grill master championship, and then re-watched the entire last round again, because I thought you were the most likable cowboy I have ever seen. I live in New York City, and I’ve never been to Texas or any of the western states, except Las Vegas Nevada, and that doesn’t count. You were honest, funny, and a damned good chef, I hope you get a show of your own, you deserve it.

    • A show has always been a dream of mine. Thanks so much for watching Michael and rooting an old cowboy on. I had a good time showing folks a little of how I cook. You ever get down this way we’ll have a bologna sandwich! take care my friend and thanks again.

  5. Hi Kent,
    My husband and I just watched the Chopped rerun. We were rooting for you the whole time. It brought tears to my eyes watching the final episode, we felt so bad that you lost. But you carried yourself very well and you are such a fine person and true gentleman. We wish you the best in everything you do, good luck on your business and have a happy life with your wife and family.

  6. Hi Kent! I just watched an airing of the Chopped Grill Masters, and I agree you should have your own show. I tell my husband every time we see one of your episodes how much I like watching you, and I am impressed no end by your awesome manners, kindness to your competitors, and wonderful food. People could learn a thing or two from you! Good luck to you and Shannon in your adventures!

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